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Project unicorn

Project Unicorn is an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. We aim to create a community of innovators who make the broader case for secure interoperability by determining shared priorities, working in partnership with school systems and vendors to understand its importance and benefits, creating a demand side push for interoperability through partnerships, and educating buyers to consider the total cost of ownership through informed comparison of vendors.


Data viz starter pack

Data Viz Starter Pack is a data visualization library with all the essential reports for a school to hit the ground running, a reporting tool set so the library can be expanded, and a professional development track to help a school staff member grow to become a data analyst. The Starter Pack comes with everything necessary to give a school a suite of reports in all key areas: academics, assessment, attendance, demographics, and discipline.

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Cortex is an integrated SIS and LMS that can create personalized learning progressions for students that allow students to own their own data and drive their own learning. With a focus on mastery of skills, Cortex allows teachers to track mastery against the Common Core or other state-based learning standards. The platform allows students and teachers to track completion of a progression across goals and subjects through a common data visualization for mastery of content.

Twitter: @CortexLMS

LinkedIn: Cortex LMS

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LAB Corps Urban Education Fellowship

The LAB Corps is an 11-month urban education fellowship that recruits college graduates from across the country. During this year of service, Fellows work with students in small groups or 1:1 tutorial to provide personalized academic instruction, in math, literacy, and to support habits that foster academic success. We look to develop a diverse cohort of dedicated educators and leaders who invest their time and energy in the academic success of low-income youth. The LAB Corps is a great experience for college graduates interested in careers in education, social justice, policy, or those who plan to pursue graduate degrees in medicine, policy, business, or law.

At the end of their Fellowship year, Fellows may be invited to participate in the LAB Teacher Residency program – through which participants complete their Masters in Education while apprenticing under the mentorship of one of LAB’s Master Teachers.

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After School Programming with DYCD

Beginning in 2015, InnovateEDU has implemented an after school program at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School, with support from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development(DYCD). Through this DYCD SONYC program, LAB students are engaged in daily project-based workshops that foster the development of 21st century learning skills in digital literacy and student leadership.

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Data Whiz

Data Whiz is a community of practice that works to share best practices and solve common pain points around technology and data in the education space. We are a community of doers who believe we should be learning from each other’s work while creating real impact in the space. This takes the form of projects that have impact outside the walls of Data Whiz itself.


Rhode Island Technical Assistance

InnovateEDU is partnering with the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), the Highlander Institute, the Rhode Island Department of Innovation, and select school districts to deliver on the promise personalized learning for the state of Rhode Island. Through this project, InnovateEDU is forming a technical advisory group and leadership coalition that will: 1) support the implementation and integration of InnovateEDU’s Cortex platform and other tools, 2) develop a set of business rules, processes, and best practices for managing Rhode Island’s student data, 3) develop an Ed-Fi standards adoption strategy, 4) develop tools and processes to preemptively address data integrity issues, and 5) provide mentorship and technical assistance to our partner school districts.

While there is tremendous optimism around the potential for personalized learning, education opportunities are often stymied by a variety of data challenges from educators being forced to login to a myriad of systems, to data being out of date by the time it is available, to basic challenges around data accuracy. Our goal is to break down these data silos and create a data ecosystem where accurate, timely data supports Rhode Island’s drive for innovation and personalization.