Who We Are


InnovateEDU is a Brooklyn-based non-profit whose mission is to eliminate the achievement gap by accelerating innovation in Common Core-aligned, next generation learning models and tools that serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning.

InnovateEDU convenes students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and designers to re-imagine and reinvent education by putting students’ and teachers’ needs at the heart of design.

InnovateEDU is committed to massively disrupting K-12 public education by focusing on the development of scalable tools and practices that leverage innovation, technology, and new human capital systems to improve education for all students and close the achievement gap.

We address trends in education, including: growth and use of technology and broadband infrastructure, advances in the learning sciences, the societal drive toward personalization as an aspect of education innovation, and widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo. We do this by bringing together an uncommon alliance of students, teachers, designers, and technologists to participate in short cycle innovation to improve student achievement and solve challenges in education, particularly for low-income students.


What We Do

InnovateEDU brings together leaders in education and technology to design and develop breakthrough models and tools to help ensure that all students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers of their choosing. We train educators and educate students with the goal of substantially improving the academic achievement of students in urban public schools.

InnovateEDU partners with innovation-friendly New York City public schools that serve low-income students of color to provide tutoring and professional development.

InnovateEDU supports college-ready academics by supporting efforts to develop and refine next generation approaches and digital tools for learning.

Our goal is to maximize:


Amplified teacher practice:

Learning tools must be easy to integrate into instructional practice, saving teachers time and helping them support learning.


Student engagement:

Learning tools must provide rich, compelling, and interactive experiences that encourage repeated, prolonged, and self-motivated use.


Student learning:

Learning tools must enable students to achieve literacy and math mastery and accelerate the pace at which they do so.


User delight:

Learning tools must provide consistent, inviting, and intuitive experiences.



InnovateEDU supports learning resources that prioritize:

  • Personalized learning: Learning experiences should meet students where they are, engage them deeply in inquiry and mastery, and tailor challenges in a dynamic, personal manner.

  • Informing instruction: Teachers need tools that serve and enhance professional practice.

  • Student centered: Emphasize student strengths, interests, and developing growth mindsets.

  • Design focus: Feedback on which designs optimize which outcomes for whom and how.

  • Anywhere, anytime learning: Harness the full range of learning at all times.

  • Mastery-based learning: Progression based on learning rather than time, using formative assessment as a guide.